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I've always had a cemetery fetish. I love them.. I love being in them, I love taking pictures of them, I love learning about them. And, of course, I've always wanted to have sex in one.

Rich and I did. (Before someone yells, please note that we didn't actually have sex ON a grave.)

Near where I live, there is a small cemetery containing mostly older graves. Though is is next to a highway, it isn't often visited.

There are two parts of the cemetery, divided by a gravel road that runs perpendicular to the highway. One side is level with the highway and gently slopes upward, providing a minute parking area for those unafraid of the grass. A smattering of graves resides there.

The other side is a large hill, which flattens out and dips down. Trees decorate the cemetery, and a sparse row of trees separates it from the surrounding fields. A person can park on the other side of the gravel road and climb up, or can drive up to the top of the hill on the other side if they are very careful.. and brave.

I decided this would be a very good place for a daytime photo shoot (Rich is an amateur photographer), so Rich and I grabbed a blanket, cameras, and some clothing changes and headed that way. It was a ways from my house, however, and I was getting more and more randy by the second.

It wasn't long before I had to do something about this arousal. I reached over, undoing Rich's pants as he drove. Not bothering to deal with the fly, I pulled his underwear down to free him. Of course, his big cock was already hard for me. I gave him a few strokes before undoing my seatbelt, then smirked at him and leaned over, running my tongue from the base of his shaft to the tip of his head. After I'd coated his cock with a nice layer of saliva, I slid my tongue over and around his head, before slipping the sensitive tip into my mouth. I licked and sucked on his head for a few moments, lapping up and spreading around the stream of precum it secreted. Then, I began pumping his cock with my mouth, my head bobbing up and down on him as my hand worked its way to the base of his shaft and began working in unison there. I went deeper and deeper, relishing the feel of his cock in my throat, stretching it out.

Unfortunately, the cemetery was much closer than I'd anticipated. Dripping wet and wanting more of his sweet cock, I got out of the car to help guide him up the hill, between the gravestones. He pulled up the car and parked it, and I hopped back in.

Then, Rich leaned his seat back, so that I could get a better angle on that delicious, most-treasured body part of mine. I simply gazed at it for a few moments, running my hands over it and glancing back to his face to gauge his reactions. It wasn't long before my tongue returned to his skin, savoring the taste. My jaws ached from being so far open around his large cock, but I kept sliding it into my throat, moaning as it filled yet another hole of my body.

Soon, Rich wanted to be inside me - and I wanted him to be, as well. After adjusting our clothing, we pulled the blanket from the backseat and got out of the car. I already knew the spot in which to spread the blanket; I know the cemetery like the back of my hand. A large, low-branched cedar tree resides at one of the highest points of the hill, and nestled near it is a small dip. Another tree stands a few feet from this, and the land around is situated so that we wouldn't easily be seen (the operative word being easily, since flat fields surround the hill and we were probably viewable to anyone who actually stopped to look). We spread the blanket there, and lay down on it.

Rich's hand made its way to my already saturated panties, his tongue sliding into my mouth as he kissed me passionately. He smiled against my lips at the fact that I was already soaking wet for him, and pulled the undergarment down and off, moving to kneel in front of me. He unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, sliding them and his underwear down before leaning over me, his hand traveling up my thigh. He reached my skirt, pushing it up a bit before teasing my entrance with his fingers. I whimpered and he drew closer, positioning the tip of his magnificent cock against my wetness. Biting my lip, I looked up at him as he placed his hands on hips and entered me in one stroke. It wasn't a fast stroke; it was drawn out enough for me to feel my muscles tense and give around his cock, squeezing him as he entered me - a few steps above agonizingly slow. He leaned over me, placing one hand on either side of me as he slid his cock into my tight, ready pussy, kissing me and pulling my body closer to his. I shifted my hips, turning them so that he could plunge deeper into me, and wrapped my legs around his torso, squeezing him with my thighs. I moaned his name as he pounded into me, and pleaded for him to do so harder - something he had no difficulty complying with. Sweat began to form on our bodies from the hard, fast rhythm; it was amazing, not frantic, but an even, satisfying pace that made me moan, whimper, writhe, and spill random incoherent syllables.

I could feel the pulse in his cock as he ran his hands down my torso, leaning back onto his knees. He continued pumping as he looked down at me, a grin on his face. "Are you ready for my hot cum in your mouth?" he asked, his hands digging into my hips and pulling me closer, deeper - just as he knew I liked. I moaned loudly, and managed comprehensible speech long enough to spill out "Oh, fuck yes!" He slid his cock from me and stroked it as I quickly sat up, face-to-face with it. I took the head of his cock into my mouth, running my tongue over it and lightly sucking, moaning as his cum spurted out and filled my mouth. I looked up at him before swallowing all of his seed, save the bit that had trickled from the corner of my mouth. His hand tilted my chin up, and I licked the cum from my lips as he asked, before licking his cock clean. He bent down, kissing me thoroughly and tasting himself on my tongue.

He pulled up his pants and underwear, and I found my own and pulled my skirt down. After we got my clothes and hair back to a presentable state - and the flush fell from my face - we started the photo shoot (of which a few of the spoils may be seen in the post I made stick to the top of this journal). It was the middle of the day, so we still had plenty of light to shoot for a few hours. It's been a fantasy of mine to have sex in a graveyard for some time - and doing so in the middle of the day, in a place where we could have been seen added even more kink to the setting. It was utterly amazing.
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