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Ankle and others

I've always had a thing for men's hands and the bones on their wrists. The bone especially really turns me on, it is such a sign of masculinity and power to me.
I made friends not too long ago with this man, actually the man who inspired my livejournal. And among many other things that turn me on about him, his ankles have become a huge fetish of mine. I could just stare at them, lick them, kiss them, touch them all day. I have looked at a picture of his ankle and masturbated. I have fantasized about his ankle while masturbating.
The strange thing is that I do not normally have an ankle fetish, and I have since looked at other ankle pictures and other ankles just don't do it for me. I haven't found an ankle yet that is up to the same level of perfection and beauty that this man's ankle embodies. I am just totally in love with his left ankle. That's the other weird thing. I like his other ankle, it is totally hot, but I have a very strong preference for the left ankle. I like to try to wrap my fingers around it, and it is so slender that my thumb and middle finger can almost meet. I like to imagine having it rubbed against my clit until I come. I like to fantasize about it growing a dick so I could suck it and make his ankle come. I just have this irrational obsession with his ankle. I'm wondering does anyone else have such a strong reaction to a man's (or woman's) ankle, and is there anyone out there who is decidedly more into one particular ankle (ie left or right) and is there anyone who likes to think of a person's ankle in human terms? I like to imagine his ankle sighing in pleasure when it's being licked by me, I like to imagine his ankle being freed from it's everyday life where it is not given the love and appreciation it deserves, and comes to spend every day with me, being licked and kissed and gently touched. I want to worship his left ankle, actually, I do worship his left ankle. And him, but this is a community about unique fetishes, not about regular human to human infatuation.
I also have a strong attraction to his hipbones, which protrude beautifully, and I could also masturbate and think of nothing but those beautiful hipbones. But this one isn't as weird to me because I have always had a bit of a fetish for hipbones. They are so sexy, on a man or on a woman.
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