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Hello. I am new to this community. I have several fetishes, some that are common, some that people look at with disgust, and some that I haven't really heard people talk about all that much. I will be listing all but the common ones. I am looking for people who either share my fetishes and want to chat, or who just want to chat about sexual fetishes in general. Anyway,
Ageplay:(I have no interest in underage children and do not condone sexual interaction with children in any way, shape, or form.) I do however enjoy pretending to be a younger girl being dominated by an authority figure. I am unsure if this is common or not but have heard it referred as "edgeplay."
Eyeglasses - I think that eyeglasses are incredibly sexy. I specifically enjoy when someone's glasses have fallen to the bridge of his or her nose and he or she must push the glasses back up. I also enjoy when someone removes eyeglasses, cleans them, and then puts them back on. I enjoy any adjustment of eyeglasses. I have 20/20 vision but I do enjoy wearing glasses. I hope to find some with no prescription or magnification because even the magnifcation hurts my head.
Pee Fetish: I have heard of some people who have this fetish, but most people seem to find this gross. I specifically enjoy accidental wetting (only), bedwetting, clothes wetting, diaper wetting, pee desperation, and peeing in places that are not the toilet.
Watches - I think that the appearance of a watch on a man's wrist is very sexy, especially if that male is also wearing glasses. I think it is attractive when a male checks his watch or adjusts his glasses to check his watch.
Well, those are my fetishes. I'm not really sure if they are unique or not, but I personally have not heard much about these fetishes and have heard of people frowning upon ageplay and pee fetishes. I do hope to find some people to chat with. 
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I'm wearing glasses and will wear my diaper when I can,but I may need a helping hand;)