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My fetishes...

Hi. I'm new to this community and though I'm a virgin, through the power of the Internet I have discovered many fetishes. I'm glad I finally got a chance to actually do something on the Internet lately. I'm in my last year of high school and it keeps me very busy. I'm unsure of how unique my fetishes actually are so I'll post some of the ones that are perhaps a little less common (yet I'm not really sure how common they are.)

Before I start detailing my fetishes, I just want to say that I am in a committed monogamous relationship so some of these fetishes will remain fantasies or I will just read erotica. Also, I'm 18 and involved with ageplay as long as the two involved are 18 or older and I am NOT involved in any form of child sexual abuse, child pornography, beastiality, or incest. Roleplaying these with someone of my age or older are an exception.
- Being treated like a catgirl - I want to be subservient to a master, cooking for him, cleaning for him and being taken care of by him. I also like the aspect of being treated like a cat while still being a girl (just with cat ears and a tail). I would also meow and be playful with my master by sitting at his feet and having him dangle yarn above my head. I would be sort of like his pet.
- Eyeglasses. - I do not know what is so sexy about eyeglasses. If glasses fall to the bridge of someone's nose and then they push them back up, it drives me crazy. (I know that sounds a bit silly, but it is true)
- Being Gang-Banged at a Dungeons and Dragons game - Yeah...this one is pretty self-explanatory.
- Roleplay - Severus Snape/Hogwarts Student (Me), Doctor/Patient (Me), Aragron/Me, An Old Peverted Classy Gentleman/An innocent child whom he kidnaps (Me), Incest: Older Brother/Younger Sister (Me), Father/Daughter (Me), Twin Brother/Twin Sister (Me), Twin Sisters, Teacher/Student (Me), Twin Brothers (Me being one of them), Two School Boys (Me being one of them)
- Watersports - Being desperate to pee and not being allowed to by the orders of a teacher or some other form of trusted adult, wetting myself, then being spanked and whipped for it. Then, I would want the person playing the part of the trusted adult to pull my hands behind my back and rub my face in the piss on the floor and then force me to lick it and give him or her oral sex before they fuck me senseless up the ass.

Those are all of the ones I can think of for right now. I apologize that I wasn't more eloquent. I am quite exhausted from all of the stupid final exams that I have to do that are taking for ever. I shall probably post more later.

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