Naota (boy_lost) wrote in unique_fetish,


So Ive never just revealed this info to such a large group of people but here goes. I am very into pregnancy. I think it is the most beautiful thing in the world. I am a straight male and I love pregnancy. There is something so sensual to it, I also love children and family and come on. Making a life. thats just to trippy to comprehend.

Anyways, I know alot of men seem to be into it. But are there women as well?

Also, to all people with fetishes, has the fetish played a large part in your dating/relationship life? I have never been with a woman who has the interest in pregnancy that I do and I really wish I did. Is it important to a successful relationship?

Also, if are like me and like that big round belly, I would love to talk.

Oh, and whats the privacy deal with posting on here? Basically, is there a way to be annonymous and still use this LJ for other non-fetish stuff and have to worry about the world finding out about my fetish?
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