Madiera Darling (madam_mew_mew) wrote in unique_fetish,
Madiera Darling

Female Feminization?

Ok, so I know there are plenty of guys into the idea of being "force feminized," in other words made to act/dress/be girlie. However, I wonder if I'm the only woman on earth into being feminized (not necessarily by force) or feminizing other women?

In daily life you'd probably assume I'm a very girlie girl. I wear dresses, I do my hair, I wear a lot of makeup, blah, blah, blah. My personality is actually quite masculine in certain respects, and I often feel kinda like a Tom boy... except I'm a Tom boy that gets off on dressing up all girlie, and because it's socially acceptable... I do. I like how I look too, so it's not as if I don't express myself or get to be stylish. Anyone else similar?
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